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Our concierge programmers create personalized online COVID-19 attestation forms for businesses, schools, and wherever people congregate, so everyone can quickly and easily enter buildings.

Your attestation form will be simple to fill out and understand. A green "pass" screen on any device confirms successful completion of an attestation.

We make sure that all your data is completely secure and protected. It can only be viewed by you and trusted staff members.

About Attest

New York

In New York State, employers are mandated to implement daily health screenings of office-based workers and, where practicable, visitors.

Schools, including pre-K through grade 12, and higher education, are mandated to screen staff daily, and students periodically.

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Noticing that lots of organizations use slow, paper forms, we created a simple online form. Knowing that a "one size fits all" approach wouldn't always work, we made sure to make all forms as customizable as possible, from the questions being asked to the color of the background.

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first location

At first, I developed this website for my local synagogue. They had been using paper forms over the summer, and it was going to get hectic once they opened up again for school and services. I finished the site just in time and printed signs with QR codes that were placed around the building.

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To make it extra easy to check attestations, users receive a green screen (cleared) or red screen (stay home) to show at the building. Also, answers are automatically logged and can be checked easily by administrators. If you're interested, please contact us, and Attest like a pro!